About the songs on 'The Peace Within'

Front Cover

'The Peace Within' is a song I've been doing in various forms for several months when playing live. It is built around a theme played using a Hang drum sample. This is doubled on a tung drum sample. I used sitar and the Godin Multi Spectrum SA guitar (shown on the cover) for the melody and solos. Guitars and synth pads provide the background with sampled percussion. It is written in Khamaj thaat.

'Mountain Vista' is written in raga Yaman Kalyan.  I play a heavily processed electric guitar and the Mohan Veena for the melody and solos. Synth pads and harmonium provide the background. I went for a Indian style of playing on the guitar using the vibrato arm.

'Raga Bageshri' is a 'self-duet' on 12-string acoustic guitar and sitar which features a gat from my sitar teacher Roshan Bhartiya towards the end.

'After the River Runs Through' is dedicated to all those affected by, and particularly those who lost their lives in, the flooding along the Front Range in September of 2013. This was written soon afterwards. The melody is played on the Godin with the MIDI output controlling a light flute preset. In the second half the melody is doubled on harmonium. Pads and guitars provide the background with sampled percussion.

'Seva' uses a chord progression that I have been using in various settings for years. The melody is performed on sitar and Mohan Veena with synth and acoustic guitar accompaniment. The guitar parts are played on a Taylor 12 Fret Mahogany acoustic guitar through a Neo-Ventilator pedal. Backing tracks include synth pads, sampled tabla and sampled percussion.

Mountain Vista and The Peace Within were created in Ableton Live since I already had most of the track there. I used Logic Pro for Raga Bageshri, After the River Runs Through and Seva.