Mounting the Photon Pickup on a Line6 Variax


The bridge on the Variax is very close to the body and using springs to support the Photon pickup didn't make sense, so I used a couple of soft rubber grommets I had around. They're fairly compressed so the pickup is quite stable. I had to reattach the cable to the pickup PCB and used heat shrink as a strain relief. Also the indicator LED between the E and A string cracked due to rough handling quite a while ago so I just removed it.

Bridge and Pickup

I should probably mention that of course there is already a hex pickup on the Variax, piezo bridge pieces which run to the processing board of the Variax. I did remove the Photon pickup and wire the buffered outputs of the Variax pickups to a small connector and then used an adapter cable to convert to a Roland style 13 pin connector. The body on the Variax is thin and there isn’t much room to mount the connector, and using an adapter cable was a hassle so I removed this circuitry so the Variax is back to being a ‘normal’ Variax, with two holes where the Photon pickup was.