Update to my 13pin output Line6 Variax

I recently updated the connections on my Line6 Variax. I had used a DB9 connector mounted on the rear plastic control cover but it stuck out too much.

I found a male right angle 7 pin mini DIN cable mount plug (www.digikey.com p/n CP-1370-ND) which would save a lot of space on the back of the guitar and direct the cable along the body, so I mounted a female 7 pin DIN socket (www.digikey.com p/n CP270-ND) in the space where the DB9 used to be, then made a short adapter cable with the right angle plug on one end and a cable mount 13 pin female connector (www.digikey.com p/n CP-1113-ND). I used a short piece of shielded cable from an RS232 cable to complete it.

The Roland 13 pin pinout is:

High E - Pin 1, B - Pin 2, G - Pin 3, D - Pin 4, A - , Pin 5, E - Pin 6. The metal shell is ground.

The following table shows the location of the buffered string outputs on the Variax:

Hi E - U7-8
B - U7-14
G - U3-8
D - U3-14
A - U3-1
E - U3-7

Here are some pictures: