The Peace Within is released

My first ‘album’ was released last week. I have CDs for sale or it can be downloaded. Find out more at this page.

This is an entirely self-produced CD, and I’m not sure I want to go through that again! Input and feedback from one or more other people is helpful and I think the songs probably could have been better, and it certainly would have been more fun to have other musicians involved, but that’s difficult in a tiny bedroom studio. I’m fairly happy with the artwork but I’d rather have that done by others. But it was very cheap to produce this way so for a first effort, I’m happy. I want to continue to write songs in preparation for other opportunities.

I didn’t think I was going to be playing a lot in November but it’s turned out to be a pretty busy month. I am headed to California for a month starting December 2nd and have a couple yoga classes I’ll be playing at there. Need to follow up with the teachers and add those to my schedule.

I got a note today from a to-be-named-later artist who wants me to join their Spring tour through the west. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity and there will be lots of opportunities to sell CDs if it all works out. More later when they get dates confirmed.