Boulder Performances 2013

Had the good fortune to play at two Kirtans the past few days. I was invited by Sita and Craig to sit in with them at Om Time on Saturday the 29th. This was a really nice concert because it was simple, compared to the bigger events at Shakti Fest or the Denver Chant Fest. Then last night July 2nd, Jaya and Ananda performed at the Double Rainbow Ranch and Steve Bross and I accompanied them. They  have beautiful voices and really sweet songs. I found it challenging because of the their songs had several chord changes versus the simpler changes of most Kirtan music, and they were not in "base" keys of the sitar or the Mohan Veena for the most part, though often it was the related minor scale. Kept me on my toes though. Ended up playing the Veena 60% of the time which I enjoyed.