Shakti Fest 2013

Had a great time at Shakti Fest this past weekend. Played with a bunch of musicians including Tazdeen Rashid, Jim Beckwith, DJ Drez, Tulsi Devi, Melia Kulp and more at a Kali Puja led by Aditi Devi early(!) Saturday morning. Later Saturday morning I played at a class led by Mark Whitwell which was challenging because it was very trancy. No steady rhythm but structured around synth drones, processed guitar, a gong and lots of Tibetan bowls, bells and assorted percussion. Quite a challenge to find a place to fit.

Saturday afternoon I played for Saul David Raye's yoga class with a whole slew of musicians led by Dave Stringer on vocals. Over 200 yoga students rockin' it out. Then Sunday morning at another class led by Saul, Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji led an even bigger band featuring Jim, Steve Gorn, Clarity (Dana Delong) and others I couldn't even keep track of. Another full house of yogis and yoginis.