Madan Mohan is another form of Krishna, celebrated as he who mesmerises everyone.

This is a sitar/guitar piece in raag Miyan Ki Todi. I used a Godin SA MIDI guitar and recorded the guitar track and a MIDI track layered with several flutes, articulated with a breath controller.


This song is in a very slow 13 which is counted 3 + 3 + 4 + 3. It is a gentle song with the melody on sitar, pads and guitar embellishments, and very light percussion. It would probably work well for yoga or massage.

The title comes from the 13th word for snow in Kate Bush’s “50 Words for Snow.” 

Shivani Godess of Multiplicities 

This is an instrumental version of a chant directed to the goddess Shivani. The main instrument is a Mohan Veena, a style of Hindustani slide guitar created by Viswas Mohan Bhatt who is a student of Ravi Shnkar. 

Shivani is the spouse/feminine form of Shiva. She is always present in Shiva, Mahadevi, Parvati and Durga. She is the mother of Ganesha. The chant mentions her as 'Ashtavinshani' (also Ashtavimshani), she who holds within her 28 multiplicities of the divine. Special thanks to Sree Devi Bringi for her analysis of the words of this chant.

A transliteration of the Sanskrit is: 

Om Ashtavinshani Shivani Shagmani 

Saha Yogam Bhajantu Me 

Yogam Prapadye 

Kshemancha Kshemam Prapadye 

Yogancha Namo-Aho-Ratrabhyam-Astu 

And Gently Let That Go

One of the few songs in this collection that has chords!  

I have been experimenting with how to do soft pretty songs with guitar that aren't just drones. On this track there are two guitar tracks that each have a parallel MIDI cello track. There is also a bass track. The bonus track to the album is a version which has a very soft drum track. 

The title comes from a common 'phrase' in meditation. When a thought arises, gently let that go.

Heart Center

This is a more energetic track which I developed from a background track I did for a meditation CD and was recorded over 10 years ago, before I started playing sitar. The first section features a MIDI guitar flute improvisation using a breath controller for articulation. It popped up recently in shuffle mode on iTunes and not having listened to it in many many years, I liked it and decided to include it. The second section adds tabla loops and a bass track, and also happens to be in 13. There is a trading of solos between the same flute sound from the first section, and a koto sound, again controlled by a MIDI guitar. 

ABNAS (Kedar)

This is a gentle new age track in raag Kedar. Lead line is again played on MIDI guitar with a layered flute sound over a typical drone. NASA had recently released some audio recordings of space noise which is layered into the piece. This is again a gentle song suitable for yoga, meditation or massage.

I will not explain what ABNAS stands for, but it is an acronym and reflects my odd sense of humor.

Shivani Reprise

I was asked to create a long piece for use in therapeutic yoga classes. I decided to use the Mohan Veena track from Shivani Goddess of Multiplicities, and just pull out sections with a fair amount of space between them, over a tanpura, harmonium and synth drone. It turned out to still be too ‘busy’ so I gave the teacher a version without the Mohan Veena, and called the original version Shivani Reprise. 

And Gently Let That Go (percussion) Bonus track

I originally had a very light, filtered drum track but decided to take it out of the final version. Since Bandcamp allows albums to have bonus tracks, here is the version with the drum track.