I repair Indian harmoniums in my home in Boulder, CO. 

If you are having harmonium problems, contact me for more information. I can do remote support via video conference or we can meet at my home. 

Due to Covid-19, I am meeting clients on my porch with masks on so you don’t have to come inside.


If you’re interested having me perform, take a look at my bio.

I don’t blog much…but you can still check it out.


 My latest collection of songs called “...and gently let that go” is now available for download on Bandcamp. The entire collection of songs can be downloaded as an album, or you can download individual songs. The collection features a variety of music, some more active like “Mohan”, a duet with sitar and MIDI guitar and lots of Indian percussion and "Shivani Goddess of Multiplicities”.  Or more peaceful tracks for meditation, massage or yoga, like “And gently let that go”, “Abnas” and “Shivani Reprise”. Track descriptions can be found here.

 My CD ‘The Peace Within’ is available on BandcampCDBaby and can be downloaded at iTunes and Amazon

'Deep healing peace-filled music from the heart to the soul. I love this music from Chuck White. Great for yoga practice, creating a healing atmosphere or just relaxing.' - saul david raye


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‘The Peace Within’ cover photo © Cherish L'Dawn Brown 2013 A.R.R.